Barock FSBFL8026 Cambridge Oak Laminate 12mm AC5 100% Waterproof


Specification:   1815*196*12mm
Per Package:     2.1344 square meters, 6 Panels
Weight:            25KG
Emission:            E0, less than 0.33mg/L
Abrasion:            AC5, 7200 cycles
Wet Swelling:   72 hours

GST and Transport costs will be charged separately


It is health-friendly, waterproof, durable, natural, top brand and quality choice.

  1. A healthy choice: Laminate flooring is made of glue, so contain formaldehyde; In Australia, acceptable standard of indoor formaldehyde is E1 level, meaning the detection level is E1 ≤ 1.5mg / L. Of course, it is best to choose E0 ≤ 0.5mg / L. All Flooring Station Laminate use loose peeled pine washed substrate and is carefully manufactured. It is tested locally, in Sydney, Australia and the results are ≤ 0.42mg / L, in line with the best standard E0.
  1. The water resistance: Traditional laminate have the “V” shape angle finish between each board, where water may sit and penetrate. Flooring Station Laminate floor is designed with a low angle lock-in system, so when joined together there is less angled groove between boards. All Flooring Station Laminate products are designed and made water tight.
  1. Choice for durability: the higher the density of the substrate the better the Laminate floor durability. Ordinary Laminate floor base density is ≥ 0.80g / cm3, and tested Flooring Station Laminate floor substrate has a greater density at ≥ 0.85g / cm3.
  1. The natural choice: the full range of Flooring Station Laminate uses the latest technology to provide a natural timber look. This technology allows Flooring Station flooring to create many different styles, from classic, rustic to modern, real nature effect.
  1. Top brand: Flooring Station is an Australian registered brand. Flooring Station flooring is focused on high-quality flooring in the industry.
  2. Confident choice for quality: all Flooring Station Laminate floor products have 30 years warranty


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